FanVision Mobile

FanVision Bolt is a purpose-built mobile accessory for sporting events. It solves the problems of wireless connectivity and mobile device charging in stadiums.

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Content Delivery

Bolt connects to the FanVision Network to pump live audio, video and stats into any iOS or Android device. Since the FanVision Network isn't based on WiFi or 3G/4G technology, an unlimited number of fans can enjoy streaming content without worrying about their data cap or seeing the dreaded "buffering" wheel.

Mobile Charging

Every Bolt unit includes a massive battery that has enough power to supply its own needs and recharge the fan's mobile device up to 100% over the course of an event. Since fans can carry Bolt wherever they go in venue, they can forget about waiting in line at a charging station.

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FanVision provides a simple SDK to app developers. Once integrated, FanVision audio, video and stats appear within the team or venue app. This system enhances partners' existing mobile apps with exclusive content and saves fans the trouble of downloading another app.