FanVision Controller

Golf, tennis, football and race fans use the handheld FanVision Controller at the stadium to follow the action with live audio, video and stats.

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Every season more than 100,000 NASCAR fans rent a FanVision to keep pace with their favorite drivers. They get to listen in on live team communications, watch in-car camera feeds and check continuously updating leaderboards. Fans who love NASCAR need FanVision.

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Most FanVision customers use a Controller only once or twice a year, so we made the interface very first-time user friendly, provided all-day battery life, and focused on features that deliver maximum value with minimum learning curve.

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The FanVision Controller is a workhorse. Its low latency, durability and legendary reliability have made it not only a fan favorite, but a utility among professionals and media at some of the country's largest sporting events.

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