Communications Systems

Racing Electronics - a FanVision Entertainment company - is the largest and most advanced provider of two-way communications systems in North American motorsports. RE offers the full line of Motorola two-way products as well as advanced proprietary systems and accessories suited for the most complex sports and entertainment events.

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Our communications team offers factory new Motorola radios and accessories for events of any size, with capacity into the thousands of units.


Our fully equipped 43-foot Command One trailer is the most advanced communications command center in sports. It is equipped with a 35-foot pneumatic mast, 12 Motorola XPR UHF repeaters, a state-of-the-art combiner system, and a full compliment of radios, headsets, chargers, and specialized accessories.

Professional Grade

We operate in the most complex and difficult environment possible, with the typical race event having steady noise of more than 100db and over 1,000 active RF channels. Beyond top-of-the-line Motorola equipment, we have developed proprietary noise reduction hardware, custom accessories, and advanced channel management systems for the professional.